Electric Era Installs EV Fast Charging for retail leader

Plaid Pantry 18 months early while saving 75% on demand charge costs

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Point of view

Plaid Pantry, a retailer operating 108 c-stores across Washington and Oregon, recognized the critical need to add EV fast charging at their retail locations as well as the challenges associated with delivering it  grid constraints, demand charges, 50-70% reliability, and slow time to revenue.

These common factors result in degraded profitability, delayed revenue, and poor customer experience. Jonathan Polonsky, CEO and Chairman of Plaid Pantry, turned to Electric Era to provide solution(s). Electric Era’s PowerNode, a former SpaceX-engineered EV fast charging station, is the only solution to solve key grid integration challenges that increase profitability and deliver 4-month speed to market. Electric Era delivers this alongside industry-leading 98% station reliability for the best customer experience achievable.

“Everyday, more and more drivers are switching to electric vehicles. As a fuel and convenience retailer, we recognized how essential it is to serve this growing market with a premium product,” says Polonsky.

The Challenge
  • Retailers are currently waiting 18 months to activate stations, delaying revenue collection by years – a significant opportunity cost.
  • Once installed, typical charging stations face incredibly high demand charges from utilities. At Plaid Pantry, a non-PowerNode charging station would incur $12.4k per year in demand charges and $124k over the station’s lifetime.
Plaid Pantry's Take on PowerNode

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