Per Store, Earn $2.9m From EV Drivers

Turn any convenience store parking lot Into a revenue-generating EV fast charging station.

Electric Era Features
4 months to implement
Reliable charger uptime
Charge, transact and manage from 1 system
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Fast Charging Through PowerNode(tm) With Easy On-Site Integration

Electric Era owns the full process from permits and planning, all the way to building and maintaining stations. We do the heavy lifting leaving you to manage your business throughout the process without interruption.

High-speed, reliable and affordable EV Fast charging stations starting for as little as $175,000, before installation.

PowerNode comes with everything you need to get your station active in weeks instead of years. Billing, processing and management all under one roof.

Our Customers
Manage Operations From Anywhere On Your Laptop

The PowerNode Command Console helps you customize settings, receive updates, access maintenance, and see real time performance data like power consumption, uptime, and revenue.

Electric Era Is Creating The Future Of Car Refill
For The Next Generation Of Drivers
Charge with PowerNode™

Our family of solutions is powered by PowerNode-OS, a real-time software platform that brings optimized and reliable charging to every PowerNode charging station.

PowerNodeTM Point-of-Sale Integrations

PowerNode-OS delivers high success rate payment processing to the driver, turning charging performance into payments with multi-platform point-of-sale integration.

It aggregates your station's performance into key economic insights while also allowing station owners to track financial performance down to each unique transaction.

Dynamic Load Optimization

PowerNode-OS maximizes your C-store charging station profit with autonomous load prediction, load management and tariff optimization. It provides optimal control strategies over advanced electronics in a dynamically changing environment with stochastic behavior in order to maximize your financial outcome.

We Are
Electric Era

Our mission: enable the electrification and decarbonization of the transportation industry by making EV fast charging ubiquitous and affordable.